2019 All New On-line Warranty、Anti-counterfeit and 1 to 1 Marketing


Anti-counterfeiting mechanisms on the market are applied to the box packaging, using the different physical characteristics of the label sticker to achieve anti-counterfeiting, whether it is laser labels, color changing inks, water transfer film, tamper stickers, eggshell fragile stickers, One-time seals, etc. However, with the advancement and popularization of technology, even these anti-counterfeit labels have been counterfeited; and some anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, which have been called online, use QR code or other lower-end barcodes to make Consumers connected to the website of a third-party organization for certification, but these unscrupulous counterfeits are still extremely make up, creating fake websites and codes, copying the entire set of authentication mechanisms and pretending to be listed, the original enterprises are at a loss, and consumers are simply unable to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood.

In all countries of the world, high-quality manufacturers and import agents pay a high amount of control budget and provide perfect after-sales service, still not swayed by counterfeit goods and parallel imports, resulting in disordered commodity prices in the market, and even face In the case of inferior fakes complaints, when the consumer comes back to ask for warranty maintenance, this problem often causes headaches for the company.

Is it possible to solve?

Today, the public use mobile phones and the Internet is quite popular, and social media maintains interpersonal relationships. Corporate businesses use this interpersonal network to deliver images and push advertisements. The social media has long been a communication platform between enterprises and people.

We have launched a new online anti-counterfeiting mechanism to protect your branded products, eliminate all the troubles, and combine the power of social media to connect consumers and businesses to provide intimate services such as online warranty and future enterprises. Precise 1 to 1 marketing is well prepared; not only that, the original company responsible for social media colleagues can work as usual and more integrated, the sales manager will get more rich information, get so many benefits but almost no need to increase Manpower.